Introducing Connected Heart

Exciting news, a new chapter has begun! Wendy Byrd and Robin Landers, professional counselors and licensed therapists, have teamed up to create Connected Heart. Connected Heart is a self-guided program for connecting to one’s mental, emotional physical and spiritual systems in order to grow and heal.  

Over the last three years we have been tirelessly working to create the Connected Heart Journey to resilience. 

Today is our official launch, so here’s all the information and how you can help (and of course, if you’d like, to sign up!).

What is Connected Heart? Connected Heart is an online program and community that is based in the science of psychology. Connected Heart will guide and inspire our community on a journey of resilience and transformation.

How do we do this? We guide individuals to transform their lives through accessing their own internal wisdom. Connected Heart focuses on the four core systems that guide our lives: mental, emotional physical, and spiritual. Healing the disconnect in these systems leads to what we call “Heart Knowing.” Heart Knowing is well-being, worthiness, freedom and, ultimately, love.

We all start from a state of connection to Heart Knowing and deserve to find our way back. 
When we use the Connected Heart method, we allow our natural state of connection and fulfillment to flourish, giving us the gift of resiliency.
Please be our guest at our online grand Introduction, learn more and get connected with our growing community.  

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Connected Heart donates 1% of all proceeds to NAMI National Alliance on Mental Health

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