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This is where the transformation begins. The Connected Heart Journey is broken up into three self-guided Phases to help you pace your progress and give every step the right amount of time and attention.

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Phase 1: A New Path

The 5 steps of a new path: Awakening, Knowledge, Resilience, Healing Ingredients and Discovery,


Phase 1 of the Journey will guide you through the basics of Heart Knowing and how the Connected Heart system operates within you. You will learn how blocks form within your CH system from life experiences, and the ingredients necessary for healing. You will begin creating your own map of life experiences, learning your own unique story. This  will allow you to begin to cultivate your own internal guide.

Phase 2: Journey Into Your Systems

Coming Soon

Phase 3: Healing your Ancestral Lineage and Reconnecting to the Whole

Coming Soon 

What the Connected Heart Journey includes:

The complete Connected Heart Journey

Your return to Heart Knowing through a complete program including articles, guides, meditations, and exercises.

Monthly Member only Q & A

Live monthly Q & A events with Robin and Wendy to receive guidance and support on your Journey.

The Connected Heart Community

Connecting with other Heart-Knowers within the Connected Heart private Facebook community.

Emails from Robin and Wendy

Emails direct from our founders with advice and insights.

Member Discounts

Discounts on retreats, workshops, merchandise and in-person events.

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