Guides on Your Journey

The Wolf

Mental System

Our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, others and the world.

Take my eyes and senses to see with. I give you the gifts of mental clarity and curiosity to be able to see the thoughts and beliefs that were too scary before.


The Lion

Emotional System

Feelings guide our behaviors, decision-making, and overall mood.

Take my heart and my courage. I give you the gifts of bravery and compassion to feel all the feelings that were too hard to experience before.


The Lily


Physical System

Awareness and connection to the body.

Take my petals and my grace. I give you the gifts of vulnerability and softness to surrender to the sensations of the body and all that was too painful to allow before.

The Hawk


Spiritual System

Deeper-meaning, awareness of the connectedness of all things.

Take my wings and my all knowing view. I give you the gift of soaring above all to realize the connectedness of all things. You now know your true state of freedom, where the fear of aloneness and connection to your real power has paralyzed you before.


Connected Heart offers a fully guided program of growth and self discovery along with access to a supportive and encouraging community
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