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Connected Heart is a journey to resilience. We guide individuals to transform their lives. Our approach teaches Heart Knowing, a way of being completely connected to and aware of the four core systems of our lives: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. We guide individuals to transform their lives with internal wisdom, clarity and power.

Join us on an adventure that leads to connection, resilience, unleashing your full potential and ultimately a return to heart Knowing. Heart Knowing is our natural state of worthiness, well-being, freedom and love.
Most people become disconnected from Heart Knowing because of life experiences. This creates disconnection from our worthiness, wellbeing and freedom.
Symptoms of being disconnected from worthiness?
Do you ever feel….
  • A sense of shame, failure or unworthiness.
  • Incapable or incompetent.
  • That your worth is connected to “doing”.
  • A constant drive to achieve or attain more in life in order to feel “good enough”?
  • That you discount your worth?
  • That you don’t deserve good things?
  • That you must suppress your thoughts, feelings, needs, or wants (to please others)?
Symptoms of being disconnected from wellbeing?
Do you ever feel….
  • Anxious, worried, nervous or fearful.
  • That something is wrong or off.
  • The need to be in control.
  • Everything must be perfect to be okay.
  • Nervous that something will go wrong in your relationships.
  • Nervous that something will go wrong in when you are in social or public situations.
  • Nervous that something will go wrong at work.
  • It’s not safe to have or show your emotions or to be yourself.
Symptoms of being disconnected from freedom?
Do you ever feel….
  • Helpless, hopeless, or powerless.
  • Dissatisfied, irritable, frustrated, angry, trapped.
  • That you don’t have choices or feel stuck.
  • That you are a victim to your circumstance.
  • That you want things to be different but it is not possible.
  • That you cannot trust yourself or trust your judgment.
  • Like you have no choice but to stay in control, be perfect.
  • That you can’t stand up for yourself or you can’t “speak up”.

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“Heart Knowing: worthiness, wellbeing and freedom”

Do You Want To Be Able To

Fully connect to your natural state of worthiness

Allowing you to access a deep state of peace with who you are. 

Allowing you to know that you are good enough, whole, worthy and deserving of all that life has to offer.

Fully connect to your natural state of well-being

Allowing you to access a deep sense of calm and trust within yourself as you move through the world

Allowing you to feel fully present, connected and supported

Fully connect to your freedom

Allowing you to access a deep state of power

Allowing you to become the sovereign creator of your life

These are the symptoms of a disconnected system


Learn how to heal your connected heart system


Our Mission

Connected Heart will guide and inspire our community on a journey of resilience and transformation.

Hi, We’re Robin and Wendy

“We are psychotherapists, resiliency builders, and guides in your journey to reaching your full potential. We have always had a passion and curiosity for the human experience. Truth seekers and boundary-pushers, we are dedicated to exploring ways to create change. Connected Heart was born out of our passion to ultimately create positive change in the world. At its foundation Connected Heart teaches that individual growth and healing leads to global healing. Join us in creating a world of Connected Hearts.”

Love, Robin and Wendy

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