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We believe well trained therapists are an important aspect of high quality therapy. All of our therapists have advanced training such as EMDR. EMDR is a powerful, research-backed therapy that creates meaningful change through the natural healing power’s of the brain.

START NOW THE MANY BENEFITS OF THERAPY THE BENEFITS OF THERAPY PERSIST OVER THE LAUNG-HAUL The positive gains continue and grow over time. The working-with-the-therapist process gets internalized. What ends up happening is that self-therapy picks up where the actual therapy leaves off. PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS GET TREATED, TOO Studies that show that many physical ailments are ameliorated when someone engages in therapy. REPRESSED EMOTIONS DON’T JUST GO AWAY… THEY COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU LATER ON Repressing one’s feelings doesn’t make the feelings go away. Ignoring your emotions often creates negative thought patterns that impact every area of your life – your relationships with your spouse, parents, kids, coworkers, and even yourself suffer. THE NEED FOR PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOURS WILL FADE AWAY When you work through anger it actually gets processed so that it no longer has to seep out in a passive-aggressive way. Unhealthy ways that people express anger is no longer needed and anger becomes able to be expressed in a more direct way. IT WILL REWIRE YOUR BRAIN It can literally change your brain. Therapy has been shown to alter areas involved in thoughts about the self. Those “me”-centered worry thoughts, executive control, emotion, and fear. IT ENABLES YOU TO TEATH THE NEXT GENERATION A BETTER WAY The best thing about dealing with your own stuff is that, if you have kids, it helps you teach them a better way.

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