Phase 1 A New Path

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Phase 1 A New Path

$135.00$725.00 / 6 months

Phase one of the Connected Heart Journey begins your transformation to resilience. In it you will begin to unleash your full potential. You will be guided through a process of learning and discovery, become an expert on yourself, and cultivate your own internal guide. The paid in full option provides access to all content immediately whereas the monthly option allows access to content on a monthly/as needed basis.

$135.00 / month for 6 months
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Phase 1 Preparation is a comprehensive 6 month program to help you start your journey to resilience. In it we will walk you through awakening, knowledge, discovery and the healing ingredients.


  • Learn what Heart-Knowing is (and how it is lost).
  • Exercises to reconnect to Heart-Knowing.
  • The power of the Heart-Knowing truths. Includes 3 meditations and the Heart Knowing ebook.


  • Learn about the 4 systems that make up your Connected Heart.
  • Meet the guides to your 4 systems.
  • Learn how all life experiences impact your brain and behavior and how they can prevent you from achieving your goals.
  • Includes the ACES quiz, the Connected Heart Guides meditation and the Sacred Space Meditation.


  • Learn the difference between a state change and a trait change.
  • Understand how many of the “self help” skills you are aware of only create state changes. Access the power of a trait change.
  • Create your personalized Oh Sh@t memory map!
  • Learn about Resilience and how to increase your resilience.
  • Includes the resilience quiz.

Healing Ingredients

  • Learn the Connected Heart Healing Ingredients.
  • Cultivate your “observer mind”.
  • Understand the importance of “Embracing the All” and how it is imperative to growth and healing.
  • Includes Healing Ingredients Meditation.
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